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Emo Travel & Lodging

As there is great potential in the surroundings of Ghana, we’ve created an Emo Tourism board consisting of 5 motivated guides ready to take you through our country. Along with Wizzy’s restaurant, we’ve been building and optimizing the Emo Lodge, offering a warm welcome for our visitors. Besides the Emo Lodge, we offer rooms at our accommodations at the Jungle house and the Emo House.


Wizzy's Emo Restaurant

For several years, Wizzy has been the king of the kitchen within the organization. Eventually, after much practice and patience, he earned his job as a cook. In February 2021 the Wizzy’s Emo Restaurant has opened up for the public, offering both local and international dishes. He’s mostly famous for his pizza.



There are many volunteering opportunities at Emo Foundation. Depending on your personal interest, we can arrange the perfect assignment for you. In the past, we have hosted many volunteers in health care, education, and infrastructural improvement. The projects in which volunteers can enroll are authentic, honest, and transparent. The list of projects can be found on the website of Volunteer Abroad Alliance. 



There are many internship opportunities at Emo Foundation. Usually, we host students from partner schools in Belgium. Internship students usually have a background in teaching, nursing, and/or sustainable development. Please contact us directly for more information. ​

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