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Emo Tour & Guiding

Welcome to Kpando, the gateway to the best tourist attractions of North Volta Region: Waterfalls, Lake Volta, mountains, monkey sanctuary, jungle hiking, culture, ...
From Kpando you can make a lot of very interesting excursions.

We also offer a whole range of activities that will make your stay in Kpando even more interesting.

We can help you to organize transportation and guiding.


Kpomedine Street L389 Kpando Tsakpe Newtown

MTN  Tf/WhatsApp: 055 323 27 70  

Vodafone Tf  050 030 00 51    


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For your transport we have two reliable partners:

- Skhinny can take you around Kpando with his tuktuk

- Bliss Transport & Tour: airport pick-up, Kpando transfer and tours

Wli Waterfalls

  • The highest waterfall of West Africa

  • Located in the Agumatsa Wildlife Sanctuary

  • Easy 30 minute walk to Lower Fall (50m) on a footpath through a forest crossing 9 bridges

  • Nature Education Trail on trees, birds and butterflies

  • Thousands of straw-coloured fruit bats nest at the adjacent cliff at the Lower Fall

  • Adventurous hikes to the Upper Falls with spectacular views

  • Pool to swim at the foot of both falls

  • Camping possibility at the Upper Falls

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Tafi Atome Monkeys

Sacred Mona Monkeys

  • Monkey Sanctuary located in the village of Tafi Atome

  • More than 400 endangered playful True Mona monkeys

  • The monkeys are divided into groups with each their own leader

  • The monkeys are believed to be the messengers to the Gods

  • Indigenous tropical forest with high floral concentration

  • Guided walk with different species of trees, birds and medicinal plants

 Lake Volta @ Agbenoxoe

  • Visit Lake Volta at the village of Agbenoxoe 

  • 30 min. walk beside the lake to the carpenter village

  • Boat trip on the lake in an astonish setting 

  • Mountain Nsumoro is your landmark

  • Learn about fishing methods

  • Have a refreshing swim

  • Visit the fishermen village at Agave

  • Discover the grotto (statues of Jesus's crucifiction)



Amedzofe: roof of Ghana

  • Highest inhabited village in Ghana

  • Mount Gemi

  • Ote falls with canopy walk

  • View point at Abra Erica Hotel

Akpini Walk Kpando

  • Guided tour through Kpando Township

  • Visit Akpini Chiefs Palace

  • Old German colonial buildings 

  • Grave English commissioner

  • Visit Roman Catholic Church and Mosque

  • Walk through the hustling market

  • Pass by woodcarver

  • Visit secondary school (and crocodile)

  • Refreshment at one of the many drinking spots

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Like Todome Caves

  • 8 km north of the Wli falls one can find the Likpe caves

  • The caves served as a hideout during the Ashanti war.

  • Since the 1980's the caves are de-mystified and open for tourists.

  • A network of six ancestral caves are 20 meter below surface and are accessible separately.

  • The hike is physically demanding as the caves are situated on a hill.

  • The views are spectacular with views into Togo

  • There is also a side trip to the beautiful Wadjakli waterfall.

  • The Tourist reception center is to be find in Likpe Todome (situated between Likpe Bakwa and Likpe Mate).

Logba Tota

  • Visit the typical village in the mountains

  • 40 minutes walk to the Akpom Falls

  • Akpom falls cave with limestone

  • Cliff wall stretching over 200 meters

  • 20 minutes walk to Ozomkpo Hill Viewpoint

  • Ideal base for mountain hiking


Aflabo Falls Leklebi

  • Start from Leklebi Agbesia

  • 1 hour walk to the Aflabo Falls

  • Trail with lots of vegetation

  • Falls with three completely different vantage points

  • After the hike you can cool off in a natural pool

  • Visit the coffee nursery

Island Hopping Lake Volta

  • Boat trip from Kpando Torkor

  • Visit 2 or 3 inhabited islands

  • Walk around the inhabited islands

  • Chill and swim at the cobbled shores

  • Enjoy the fresh breeze on the motor boat

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view mt_crop.jpg

Mt. Afadjato & Tagbo Falls

  • Ghana’s highest free-standing mountain 

  • Steep climb up to the 885 meters

  • Breathtaking views to Togo and Lake Volta

  • Level path to Tagbo Falls (cocao, butterflies, birds) 

  • Refreshing swim in the pool

  • Visit Snake Zoo at Liato Soba

  • Liati Wote visitors center

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Relaxing in Kpando

  • Swimming pool @ Hotor Hotel

  • Reflexology treatment "Vernance"

  • Fitness @ Hotor Hotel

  • Drinking spots

  • Nightlife @ Chairman (weekends)


  • Emo Guesthouse is situated in a serene and safe environment at walking distance from Kpando market and main station.

  • Our lobby and rooms are nicely decorated by local craftsmen.

  • We offer different types of breakfast. Basic breakfast is included and you top up for special breakfasts. Check the breakfast list.

  • Drinks and delicious food at our Wizzy’s Emo Restaurant beside the Emo Guesthouse.

  • We can assist you with excursions to one of the many Waterfalls, Mt Afadjato, Boat trips on Lake Volta, Tafi Monkeys, hiking tours at Avetime hills or Likpe Todome Caves.

  • Kpando is a fascinating, buzzling town (situated a stone’s throw from lake Volta) with a rich colonial and cultural history.

  • Emo Guesthouse is operated by Emo Foundation NGO. The profit helps us to pay tuition fees of our tertiary level scholarship students.

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