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A Bit About Us

We are a small-scale Ghanaian NGO offering all kinds of support to the young generation and communities located in and around Kpando. We formed Emo Foundation in 2015 with the willingness to make a change. Today, we are an even bigger team striving to create a healthy environment for people to live their lives to the fullest. Read here more about our past and current projects. 

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Founder – Chairman


Dr. Abdul Rahman Dauda

Sarkin Zabarman Kpando


Founder of Emo Foundation in 2015. 
Became Physicain Assistant in 2019 and completed his medical education in 2022 in Ukraïne. 

Was enstooled as Zabarman Chief in October 2023.





The best way to establish a developed Ghana is to reinforce the transition of the country into an open, democratic society with free permanent organizations, independent government institutions and conscious citizens. 


Our mission is to create an inclusive global society by creating opportunities for the youth and communities in and around Kpando.

Long term objective

The youth and the communities in and around Kpando have sufficient chances and opportunities to develop themselves and their environment in a way that permits them to live the life they appreciate themselves.

Meet the team

Organizational Chart

Impact Analysis

Our impact and

sustainability analysis


How Emo Foundation

was found

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